If you want to build a profitable business that gives you the freedom, joy, and meaning, and generates meaningful impact for the world, all while you feel more alive, inspired, connected, fulfilled and joyful than ever before you've come to the right place.

My name is Ana Maria and I'm the Founder & CEO of Copal. At Copal we empower conscious entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers like you to: 
  • Create more impact in the world 
  • Build a business and life that’s uniquely you
  • Rebel against a singular idea of “normal”
  • Break free into a truly abundantly life, across every area of your life 

After helping over 100 entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches, startups and changemakers globally transform their business and lives and leading Product, Operations, Marketing for some of the biggest companies in the world including Uber, I’ve developed a unique, special, and hyper-effective approach to help leaders like you build a business (and life) you love. 

It’s called The Copal Method and is designed for visionary leaders like you to activate your superpowers to transform your business and change the world.

Let's work together to Create A Business (& Life) You Love



Copal is a tree whose resin is used as incense. Copal serves as medicine for the soul and is used in Mesoamerican ceremonies as a mediator between the material and spiritual world.

Copal's mission is to serve as a bridge between Ancient Wisdom & New Technology to activate your full potential.